Leadership Points

You can’t call yourself a Christian and be a racist too!

August 17, 2017

“… a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…” Revelation 7:9 We are living in difficult times; facing things that we thought were resolved generations ago. It seems that our country is lacking moral clarity on so many issues. That is due, largely, to the […]

Between The Lines Leadership #leaders

August 7, 2017

After over 20 years of ministry/leadership I have learned that just because someone says or does something that does not necessarily mean they are actually saying or doing what they literally think. It’s crazy, but it is so true. People make statements all the time – but there are always statements within a statement. Learning […]

Encouragement for Church Planters.

July 24, 2017

In the early days (which was 9 years ago) I remember feeling alone at times.  Like no one knew what I was going through.  Almost as if I even wondered if God was in what I was doing.  Now don’t get me wrong I know God called Mary and I to launch Church Unleashed– but there were […]

What Others Are Saying

“Todd is not just a great leader, but a great leader of leaders.  His heart for pastors and those in leadership can be seen through his constant words of encouragement, leadership roundtables and collaboratives.  I am fortunate to call Todd a friend, colleague and mentor in ministry.”

Joseph Nieves

“Todd has a passionate heart to see the expansion of God’s Kingdom, and works entirely to that end. Raising up true leaders is his fervent pursuit, understanding that to reach the generations to come, he must reproduce himself in others today.”

Brandon Ball

“Pastor Todd Bishop is a visionary leader committed to excellence and innovation in ministry.  Solidly committed to the centrality of the full gospel in personal life, Todd pushes the limits of what has been done to what can be done.  His life message of believing God for the impossible is contagious to all who know him.  Time with Todd will inspire and challenge you to believe God for better and greater.”

Duane Durst

“Todd Bishop is a great leader and an even greater friend. His passion and desire to take people to the next level is contagious. I love that he is always working to “Raise his game” and because of that I’m a better leader.”

Tim Chambers

“Todd Bishop’s leadership skills are a fusion of excellence and servanthood.  He serves without posing or imposing.  His quest for doing his best for the best reasons is second to none.  Character and charisma with compassion – that’s Todd Bishop.”

Phil Munsey

“Todd Bishop has a vision to unite pastors and leaders from across the Northeast to work together in reaching more people with the life-changing power of the Gospel.  He is a networker with a relentless passion for building healthy leaders.”

Mark Batterson