The Call

It is virtually impossible to imagine being called by God to do something that is “larger than us.” The call of God is truly a humbling experience. Knowing that God sees something usable in me definitely keeps my head small. I mean, I know the thoughts that buzz around in my head … the images that are replayed … the things that I say without thought. And yet God still desires to use me. That’s the cool thing about God – he knows us best and he accepts us the most.

Hebrews 5:4: “No one takes this honor upon himself, he must be called by God, just as Aaron was.” The writer of Hebrews was talking about God’s call to be a priest – in our mind we would think pastor. He was basically saying, “No one in his right mind would do this, unless you were called by God.” I learned years ago that sometimes God asks us to do things that does make sense. BUt when you are called it does not matter if it makes sense you simply have to say yes to God.

Let me share a few basic calls of God:
1. The call to salvation (2 Peter 3:9)God is calling the world to know him. Most, if not all, people get this call sometime in life – via circumstances, people, choices, churches, friends.

2. The call to serve (1 Peter 4:10)God wants us to serve. Who should we serve? Christ, Church, and Community. We need to find people and places to serve everyday.

3. The call to share (Acts 1:8)Share what? God’s love with the world. Our primary life goal needs to be communicating God with everyone and anyone. No one likes to share! But because of that we must force ourselves to share Jesus.

4. The call to seek (Proverbs 8:17)Our journey of life needs to have a strong focus on knowing God better. No matter if we are a Christ-follower or not God desires each of us to get a little closer to Him. I guarentee that if we take one step to God he will take two steps to us.

God has called everyone of us to do something “larger than us” – maybe it is not starting a new church – maybe it is forgiving someone who hurt us – maybe it is going on a short term missions trip – maybe it is developing a cure for disease – maybe it is starting an organization that attacks the global giant of poverty.

Determine today what God has called you to do! Listen for THE CALL!

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