The One Month Countdown

The countdown begins. In exactly one month we will kick-off our 1st service at The Point. It is hard to believe that we started planning for launch way back in February. I thought the day would never come. Now it seems as though we are in hyper-speed. No turning back. No slowing down. It almost seems like we are launching the Space Shuttle. We are in the shuttle and we are running our system tests. I can’t wait to hear, “All systems go.”

There have been a plethora of feelings on this wild ride of starting this new church: excitement, fear, nervousness, expectation, hope, anxiety, and so many other emotions.

Here are the things that drive me as we are about to launch:
1. I firmly believe this is what I was made for. I think that everyone was made to do something in life. For me, this is it!
2. Jesus is still relevant. Jesus cares and His Word, the Bible, contains answers to life. Jesus still matters and makes a difference in people’s lives.
3. Lost people matter to God. God loved the world so much that He sent his Son to bring them back into a right relationship. People that don’t know God still matter to God.
4. God builds the church. This is his mission. My mission is to do what He has asked. “It is not by might or power, but by God’s Spirit” (Zech 4:6).

As we near the launch of The Point please pray and show up on October 14. Invite a friend with you. It is our desire to build a church that people are so proud of that they will invite friends and family!

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