Why Not!

Negativity. It is almost as if our nature is negative. Wired into our DNA is this little virus called negativity. Have you ever heard something really good about someone or something and you said, “But …” or “Did you know …” Yeah, we have probably all been there. Being negative is a drain – on yourself and others. In fact, most people do not want to be around negative people.

This whole process of starting The Point is a whirlwind. Someone said recently to me – “Wouldn’t it be amazing if God sent a revival to Long Island through The Point?” Why not! I pray that God would use this new church to reach many people with the life-changing power of Jesus.

Why Not! This is the thought that was in my hand this week as we started our promotion/evangelism campaign in the Westbury area.

Here’s the bullets:
1. Mass Evangelism – we placed hundreds of door hangers on houses – Why Not!
2. Servant Evangelism – we gave out 75 breakfast bars this morning and a hundred or more invite cards – Why Not!
3. Car Evangelism – we have put invite cars on parking lots at the train station – the movie theater – and shopping centers – Why Not! (BTW – we do not believe cars can become followers of Christ.)

Your outlook determines your outcome! I believe that The Point is a God-thing that has become my thing that I hope becomes your thing! My outlook is extremely positive. “No eye has seen. No ear has heard what God has planned for those that love Him.”

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