A Check from God

Wow. This has been a wild ride in starting this new church. We still have three weeks to go and a lot of ground to cover. Not everything has come easily, in fact, most of the accomplishments we have had required lots of work. Every so often God throws a “gimme” at you.

Several months ago I got somewhat connected to Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church (Washington, DC), and I asked if he would be willing to get behind the Point financially. He said, “We can’t at this time.” But he directed me to a trust that he works with. I sent in the application and waited … Yesterday, I received a check for $2000.00!

This was a check from God. In church planting it can be discouraging and overwhelming, often. This was one of those weeks. God used this and a bunch of other things to remind me that building the church is HIS IDEA and He will provide everything we need.

“It is not by might or power, but by God’s Spirit.”

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