The Point of Multi-Media

Oh man.  I have seen some great multi-media presentations and I have seen some absolutely terrible.  Most of the terrible have been in churches.  This past weekend I was able to sit in 2 different presentations: (1) Great drama – great music/singing – BORING – no multi-media and (2) Good singing – okay music – TOO MUCH multi-media.

So how much media is enough?  Let me give some rules of multi-media.
  1. Media should never distract from the message.
  2. Media should not be the focal point of a worship service.
  3. Media should enhance the worship experience.
  4. Media should be planned out and done with excellence.
  5. Too much media and their is no personal connection.
  6. Too little media and our media-world gets bored.
The greatest question to ask is, “Does it fit?”  No media is better than bad media.  The point of multi-media is to get the point across!
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