Dealing with Disappointment

Life is filled with amazing moments, but there will also be times of disappointment.  I know that I have faced disappointment via friends, fam, circumstances, poor decisions and even my heroes!  

A few thoughts about dealing with disappointment:
  1. Learn from life’s defeats.  Some of the greatest defeats will result in bringing you to the exact point where God needs/wants you to be.
  2. Expect the unexpected.  There are two things you will never be able to figure out: (1) Life and (2) People.  We cant see the future!  Life is unexpecting!
  3. Recharge with the right friendships.  Don’t hang with people who “suck” … the life out of you.  Spend time with those who encourage and support you.
  4. Don’t try and rewrite history.  You can’t change your past.  You can live in the present and create your God-given future.
  5. Trust God.  Even in the disappointments of life God is able to be trusted.  When life doesn’t make sense God still does.
I am totally working on the above.
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