God's Schedule

Tonight I had planned to go put door hangers up around the Westbury area.  Mary and Malachi were going to attend a birthday party for one of Malachi’s little friends.  I was finishing up at the office when I thought, “I haven’t really been able to spend time with Mary and Malachi this week.”    So I decided to attend the 4 year old birthday party.  I found myself chasing kids through the jungle gym … throwing kids up in the air … dancing (well, I can’t dance but I tried) … eating pizza and enjoying myself!

At the end of this party one of the girls that worked there said to me, “You look familiar.”  That led to about a 2 minute conversation and an invitation to The Point.  I could have done the impersonal (door hangers) but God scheduled the personal (friendly conversation).  In fact, I know her aunt.  I pray she discovers the point!
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