Keys to Leading Worship

Yesterday I had the day off.  It was the first Sunday I had off in years.  I enjoyed sitting in service with my family – a rare moment.  I visited Shelter Rock Church in Manhasset, NY.  Pastor Steve Tomlinson is one of the best teachers I have ever heard – in fact, he is probably in my fav-5 now!  Anyway, as I was sitting in church I was able to observe the worship.  I realized that there are 4 keys to leading a great worship service:

  1. Interaction – the worship leader must engage the audience by sharing or connecting them to the overall theme of the service.
  2. Instruction – the worship leaders needs to advise and encourage the audience as to what they are expected to do.
  3. Inspiration – the worship leader must inspire the audience to become life-long worshippers by demonstrating a passion for God.
  4. Imitation – the worship leader needs to be a model of worship.  Can the people be a reflection of the worship leader?
Leading worship is a calling!  It is not for everyone.  I am so glad that I have been surrounded by many “called” worship leaders!
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