I have felt many times in life and ministry “limited.” I am sure that most people would feel the same way I do. Limitations are God’s dynamic way of humility. If we could do it all we would be “god-like.” I know myself too well to think that I am anything close to that title. What can we learn from limitations?

  1. Trust in God – our limitations create a great vacuum for God to be God. We need him!
  2. Value of Team – no one person can do it alone. We need each other.
  3. Risk Taking – sometimes the greatest accompishments in life are undone because we are simply too scared to move forward. Our limitations should not cripple us!
  4. Planning – a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Because we are limited we must plan ahead.
  5. Prayer – enough said. God makes up the difference between our limitations and His unmatchable works!

Limitation is a great place on the map. I don’t often like it but it’s value is irreplaceable!!

“Noah wasn’t qualified to build the ark. Nehemiah wasn’t qualified to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. David wasn’t qualified to fight Goliath. Moses wasn’t qualified to lead the Israelites. And Peter certainly wasn’t qualified to walk on water” (Mark Batterson).

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