Staffing Principles

Well, I am in process of filling a couple of positions: (1) Youth Pastor @ Bethlehem and (2) Executive Pastor @ The Point. These positions are drastically different. Too many differences to go in to, but after hiring several people (or at least involved in the hiring – ie application review, reference checks and interview process) I have discovered a few principles about hiring.

  1. Pray – make no mistake the power of prayer in staffing is critical.
  2. Hire slow – take your time. God said that he would build his church. Simply, a vacant position should never destroy the work of God.
  3. Interview Slow – don’t rush the process. You will pay for it if you skip steps in the journey of hiring someone. Check references. Ask a lot of questions. Give small assignments.
  4. Ask them for a 5 year “personal” vision statement. You need to know where they will be, what they “really” want to do and how long you have them.
  5. Verify the match. Check and re-check every detail of the process. Be sure.
  6. Fire quick. If you get the wrong guy/girl let them go quickly. It is for your benefit AND theirs. There will be times when you hire the wrong person. The longer you hold them the more damage will be inflicted on the team and the ministry.

Choosing the right staff at the right time is critical to the success of the ministry.

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