The Impatient Leader

Picture this:  Saul is waiting for Samuel to arrive at Gilgal.  Samuel is late.  So, Saul offers a burnt offering to God.  As he is finishing Samuel arrives and asks him, “What have you done?  You have done a foolish thing” (1 Sam. 13).  Saul was not a priest or a prophet.  He was king!

Saul got impatient as he watched his men begin to scatter and become fearful.  So he took matters into his own hands.
Patience (def) – the ability to tolerate incompetence or delay
Many leaders, spiritual and non-spiritual, become impatient in the process.  Every life situation is a process.  Somethings work out quicker than others!
 Principles of patience:
  • Don’t rush life!  Enjoy it!
  • Listen to God at all times.  Don’t move ahead of his plan.
  • Don’t try and do God’s job.
  • Embrace uncertainty.
  • Focus on the lesson and not the timing.
Impatience will always take you out of God’s plan.  Become the patient leader God has destined you to be.
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