Developing a God-Sized Vision (Part 3)

On Sunday we had an amazing meeting with the Point Team.  It was definitely a vision casting meeting.  I shared my passion, vision and values with the team.  Then I had them help to develop the strategies to carry out that vision.  I felt a big-time excitement in the room!

Okay, so here are some thoughts about developing vision in your people:
1.  Share the vision, often!  Don’t think that we can only share vision every few months.  You must keep it before your team.
2.  Live the vision.  Make sure the vision is not just words, but it is your lifestyle.
3.  Give the vision away.  Let your team contribute to the vision.  Don’t let your team feel like merely workers, help them feel like they are visioneers!
4.  Display the vision.  Whether it is in an email, banner, club card or poster make sure your vision is in eyesight.  Some people learn by the visuals!  It is a memory trigger.
5.  Develop the vision.  The specifics of your vision may change (details).  Understand that is okay.  Vision is always developing!
Make sure your vision is God-sized!  You can have a huge vision, but unless other people catch it you will never accomplish your greatest dreams!
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