The Point of Follow-Up

After a HUGE Sunday win there is always a tendency to “slack off” in other areas. You can attract a lot of guests on a Sunday morning, but the real issue is connecting them. One of the missions of The Point is to help people DEVELOP friendships.

Here’s our follow-up process:
1. All guests receive an email within 48 hours of their visit. This email has a link to an online survey that allows our guests to give us feedback. We really want to know what they thought.
2. All guests then receive a snail mail piece within 96 hours of their visit. This letter is a thank you, come again and enjoy a FREE “grande” on us kind of letter. We include a $5 gift card to Starbucks in every letter. 3. All guests are prayed for during the week. We pray for any needs that they may have shared and that they return to continue the process of getting connected.
4. All guests are added to our email list. This keeps them in “the loop” of what’s happening at The Point. SIDE NOTE: If someone asks that their name be removed – simply remove it.

Don’t “foul up” the “follow up” …

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