Sunday Vitals (3.2.08)

We are officially 3 weeks old.  Being part of a “mobile church” has its benefits and challenges.  One of the great challenges is set up and tear down each week.  We have an amazing team of volunteers!  They are truly the lifeline of The Point!

We added a second worship leader this week – Micki Barreto – she did a fantastic job!!!  Two worship leaders help to lighten the load.  We also added an additional guitarist.  The music was off the hook.
Here’s the vitals:
1.  96 people (including 9 kids)
2.  4 first time guests
The key word for us this week is RETENTION … we can attract a lot of guests, but we must retain them.  We will be trying some new strategies this week to reconnect with the 118 guests we have had!!!!
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