If there is one thing a pastor will struggle with in his/her ministry is people trying to alter the vision that God has placed in his/her life.  The truth is NO ONE prays, works and fasts harder than the #1 guy – The Pastor!  And I believe that God will speak quicker and clearer to that person.

SIDE NOTE:  If you are not praying, working or fasting harder than everyone else than you probably should not be the #1 guy (or girl).
4 Things to do when people try to hijack your vision:
1.  Remember the vision that came directly from God to you.  I don’t like middle men – I love to go straight to the source.  I still believe that leaders must lead and in order to do that we must have a clear vision of where God wants us to go.
2.  Don’t adjust your vision for the sake of finances, support or attendance.  Stay focused on what God has called you to do.  Don’t be manipulated by anything – even if you can’t pay the rent!  Money is a motor, but not the motivator!
3.  Recognize that your church is not for everyone.  Not everyone will love your church.  In fact, some that help out in the beginning will not be their 6 months or 1 year from now.  It’s okay that your church doesn’t reach everyone.  That’s why there are a lot of churches.
4.  We can’t be too arrogant to think that God can’t speak through someone.  I know this seems like the opposite of #1, but we also have to be open to advice and even criticism.  God does place people around us to keep us true to the vision, but also to add to it.  Be open.
No one can hijack your vision without your permission.  Be very careful who you allow to speak into your life and the life of the church.
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