Sunday Vitals (3.9.08)

Daylight Savings Time = Many People Oversleep

I woke up Sunday morning excited about the service, but I also know the reality of time change.  So, I was hoping for 50 people.  Lack of faith?  No, just reality!  Well, 50 was not the number!
Here’s the vitals:
1.  82 people (including 3 children)
2.  3 first time guests (not including 5 first time girl scout attenders)
After the service we had our 1st ever RECEPTION at Famous Daves.  We had 32 people.  4 people who did not make the service came to the reception – very cool.  New faces … newer faces … and regulars.  
At the end of our time at the restaurant I was speaking with our waitress, Kristina, she said, “We had a born-again Christian group here recently and they were not like your group.  They made us feel unwelcome, unwanted.  Your group is definitely different.”  So, we spoke for a few minutes and I invited her to The Point.  You never know who is watching you!  This is why The Point must remain in the MARKETPLACE!!!  It creates opportunities to share our faith!
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