Core Convictions:: Transition

I recently read an small article in the Todays Pentecostal Evangel. It offered a few keys to leaving your church. Much of the information I thought was great. One of the keys he offered to leaving was not to stay more than 2 weeks after you announced your goodbye! I cannot disagree more! The one word that buzzed into my head was “professionalism.” Being called by God into the ministry cannot become like the hierarchy of back room business decisions. We are an organism – living, breathing the presence of God!

Let me share my Core Convictions on transition::
* Don’t move unless you know beyond all doubt God is in it.
* Live out your faith by taking a risky step.
* Let the people you minister to share in your thought process.
* Prepare your group for their next leader.
* Never lose connection with those you invested in.
* Pray, Pray, Pray!

I could break this down even more, but just some ramblings from a simple-minded pastor!

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