Sunday Vitals (3.30.08)

We knew from the beginning that we would start with a fluctuation attendance because of the newness of the church and the nature of new people. So the fluctuation begins …

Here’s the vitals …
1. 71 people (including 3 kids)
2. 4 first time guests

One attendee came up to me at the end of the service and said, “Great message. Now I have to live it out.” I love those responses. What is really cool is that our guests don’t really seem to care about the attendance … no complaints, only compliments!!!

All in all, the month has been amazing. 28 first time guests and an average attendance of 91 people. Not bad for a new church. Pretty incredible for a new church in the least Christian county in the United States!!! We only “launched” 7 weeks ago!

Can’t wait to see what April brings!!!

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