Understanding Culture

I was asked today by another church planter, “How do you understand the culture you live in?” Great question. Many answers. In this new faze of my life called The Point I am still learning to know and understand Long Island culture … it is different than any other place!

1. Live it!
You can study it. You can do all the demographic research. At the end of the day you must be immersed in it to really understand what they are going through, what they need and how they live. I have lived the Long Island life for 8 years and I am still learning it!

2. Learn it!
Become a student of the culture you live in. Don’t create subcultures. Study it. Watch the population trends. Look at what occupations are on the rise. Check out whether or not home-ownership is increasing or decreasing. Talk to people.

Understanding the culture you live is the first step to reaching that region/area with the love and passion of Jesus.

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