The Point Highlighted @ District Council

Today I had the privilege of sharing the mission and vision of The Point for 3 minutes during a missions service. Several other new church plants and missionaries were given some time to share what God is doing.

Here’s how my 3 minutes of fame started: “Hi. My name is Todd Bishop. Would everyone wearing jeans, cords or flip-flops please stand?” Out of 200 pastors only about 20 stood. FYI – I was wearing cords, flip-flops and a tshirt. It was somewhat awkward, but I got a little laugh.

I had a few responses from people for my outfit. I won’t mention the few negative. But there was an African lady there wearing her native clothes – she thanked me. She said she felt uncomfortable in her outfit until she saw my in my “native clothes.”  The greatest came when one of my heroes, Almon Bartholomew, hugged me and said, “I am so proud of you.  Keep up the great work.”  That made my week.

I love pastoring The Point. I love that we are a CASUAL CHURCH WITH A SERIOUS FAITH. I love that God looks into my eyes and knows my heart!!!

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