Point Development

It seems like The Point is developing pretty good.  There are several areas that need to be structured and even re-structured.

Here’s some highlights from our journey:
1.  We created a Spiritual Growth Task Force to create a plan for “personal” growth.
2.  We created a Stewardship Team to plan, prepare and oversee the budget.
3.  We created a Missions Network.  We have given over $12,000 to missions so far.
4.  We have 2 Worship Leaders.  Both are amazing.
5.  We created a Point Kids Team to help develop and operate the pre-k ministry.
Here’s some cool numbers:
1.  109 = the number of guests (Jan-Apr)
2.  109 = the average number of people (Jan-Apr)
3.  100 = the percentage of guests who enjoyed The Point
4.  100 = the percentage of guests who thought we were friendly
5.  56 = the percentage of attendees under 34
6.  31 = the percentage of attendees between 35-44
There are several next stages of our development.  We are developing our membership process and hope to enlist our “initial” membership in the next couple of months.
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