Sunday Vitals (5.18.08)

A great day @ The Point.  Today we continued our “simply Jesus” series.  The music was great.  The message seemed like-able.  We had a great crew of volunteers that worked very hard to make sure everything was prepared for todays service!  Lots of new faces.  Several tears.  Many responses to God.

Here’s the vitals:
1.  93 people (including 6 kids)
2.  8 first time guests
3.  4 commitments to Christ
It was an amazing day.  I had someone personally give to me their “connection card” after the service.  It was their second visit.  They checked the box “started a relationship with Christ.”  It was so amazing.  Modern day altar calls!  Now they are considering “water baptism.”  AWESOME!
We also had a volunteers lunch after the service to say THANK YOU.  We had about 20 people come.  It was on us – a simple way to show appreciation for our amazing team!!!
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