Lessons from a Truly Great Pastor

About 30 Pastors from Long Island and NJ were asked to meet with Pastor Jim Cymbala @ The Brooklyn Tab.  What an amazing experience!  What an amazing pastor!

Here are some of my learnings from the mouth of Pastor Cymbala:
1.  God very seldom shows you the whole picture, he usually gives you just a nudge.
2.  Increase your faith.
3.  You will have to delegate based on your talent.
4.  If your people don’t meet God they will be in trouble – no matter how organized you are.
5.  People will not come to church because they are supposed to.
6.  You can’t advertise a feast if there is no food on the table.
7.  Preach shorter and simpler.
8.  Always ask God if there is a better way to do what you are doing.
9.  Ministry is about healing pain – personal, private pains.
It was so amazing.  Ministry-changing.  
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