Sunday Vitals (6.8 & 6.15.08)

I have become so dependent on technology.  It is almost impossible to operate any business or church today without access to the web.  So I am glad to be plugged back in.

Sunday Vitals (6.8.08)
1.  75 people (including 2 kids)
2.  4 first time guests
3.  1 decision for Christ
Sunday Vitals (6.15.08)
1.  77 people 
2.  4 first time guests
A couple of random thoughts popped into my mind as I was typing the vitals:
1.  We don’t have a lot of children (our target is largely singles and young professionals)
2.  We have begun our “summer” attendance (June-August are tough months for consistency)
3.  We are seeing many people come once or twice per month (Hardly anyone comes every week – except for many of the volunteers)
I love waking up on Sundays!  In fact, I love doing anything for The Point – from running to Staples or speaking or sending out guest letters … whatever.  It is so exciting to be a part!!!
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