Baptism Reflections

I am still living on the “spiritual high” from our Baptism Celebration yesterday.  It was so moving and emotional.  Lives declaring openly, “I belong to Jesus.”  It has been a long time since I have done a baptism anywhere else but within the walls of a church building.  So I thought I would write down some random reflections about water baptisms.

1.  Build into the DNA of your spiritual growth methodology Water Baptism.  It is the next step that Jesus asked his followers to take after belief.  
2.  Make it fun and exciting.  Boredom will kill a party.  Celebrate what God is doing in the lives of people.
3.  Take plenty of pictures.  Capture the memories.  It builds momentum for the next baptism.
4.  Make sure your video camera doesn’t get baptized.  Our camera got wet and is totally trashed.  Worst thing – I borrowed it from I friend.  Now we have to replace it!
5.  Give them something to remember their decision.  We gave out beach towels that were embroidered:  “I took the plunge.”  We also included the date!
6.  Be public.  It is so amazing when 40-50 people that are not from your church are watching the baptism celebration.  Baptism is our public declaration of what God is doing in our lives.
7.  Celebrate 1 week later.  Create a video presentation for the Sunday service so the rest of the people can see what they missed.  It also sends a strong message on the importance of baptism.
8.  Make it a BIG deal.  Don’t downsize such a monumental moment.  Make it one of the most important days of the year.  We held a mini-service and then drove to the beach.  Only about 1/2 came to the beach, but it let our baptizees know how important this is to us.
Just some reflections!
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