The other day I pulled out a whiteboard and did a little mind-mapping of all the doorways that people have used to attend The Point.  Very interesting.

82% of our guests have come via word of mouth (0 dollars) … 9% have come through web or internet referrals (0 dollars) … 9% have come through newspaper / radio (500 bucks per shot) … and 0% have come through mass mailing (1000-2000 dollars each time).  
It has been about 4 1/2 months since we launched weekly services and I had to start really seeing what avenue of promo/evangelism was working.  Our largest door is WORD OF MOUTH – friends inviting friends – this is probably the healthiest form of church growth!
Now I am looking at ex-ing mailing – because it does not work and it is expensive – and replacing it with another form.  Here are my options – (1) renewed servant evangelism, (2) concert and special events, or (3) all church super series.  Would love some feedback!
Another great thing is that we have had 77 guests fill out connection cards since February.  We have retained 32.5% of our guests.
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