Prayer @ The Park

Posted by Todd Bishop on July 4, 2008 in Prayer

Once a month we offer an opportunity for The Point to gather for a 1-hour prayer time.  Actually, we just started last month – with only 6 people.  Last night we had 14 people gather to pray for America and her churches.  It was so surreal.  The park we use has a large Memorial Park that honors all branches of the military, monuments for all the major wars and lists the names of those who “gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

One of the great things about being a portable church is that we have to use the public square to do everything.  We meet in a movie theater for services.  We use local restaurants for newcomers reception.  We baptize at the beach.  And we pray were people can see us.  Everything we do seems to be in “eyesight” of unreached people.  I LOVE IT!!!
SOAPBOX:  Too often churches get locked in their 4 walls and never bring visibility beyond a mailer or newspaper ad.  The Bible teaches us to “go” and “compel” – that means we have to get out!


  1. Rich says:

    Love this post! So true … we meet in movie theaters too. Portable has so many advantages!Keep it up!Richp.s. I did an article on this a while back for the PCI guys –

  2. Todd Bishop says:

    Thanks, Rich. Loved the article.

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