Sunday Vitals (7.6.08)

A busy day in Long Island, but another great day!!!  I took the Sunday off from speaking – I needed to listen to someone else share God’s Word today – it was refreshing!   A podcast can only take you so far – live listening is so essential!

Here’s the vitals:
1.  70 people (including 4 children)
2.  5 first time guests
After we reloading the trailer we went out to lunch with our guest speaker @ the Grand Luxe – such an amazing restaurant.  Food is always off the charts!
Then Mary and I decided to take our son, Malachi, to see WALL*E – it was a very interesting movie – I thought there were a lot of political undertones – it was definitely a “eco-conscious” movie.  However, I thought the animation was incredible, but the movie gets a 2-star for me.  The highlight was just spending time with the family!!!!  I love my family!
We got home – crashed – and then ran some errands!  A long day, but a good one!
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