Hosting a Mission Team

We have had a few missions teams come in to help us spread the word about The Point through servant evangelism, canvassing and car evangelism.  They have all been a great help.  This weekend we have our team from South Jersey helping us out!  They are a great group of about 10 students … awesome!!!

Mission Teams are a lot of work for the host pastor and his family … in this case our family!  Your schedule can be consumed by ministry and you can ignore your family for the 2-5 days they are in town.
So, how can you host a mission team without missing time?
1.  Let the mission team see your priorities are right – family first!!!
I took the entire mission team to see my son’s VBS performance last night.  I rushed to get there and rolled in the church just as my son, Malachi, started to sing.  He was so happy that I made it.
2.  Take time off before the mission team arrives and after they leave.
Plan ahead.  You have to take time for recovery and refreshing.  The mission team requires a lot of work – it takes a lot of energy out of your system, but they are worth it when they are a good team.
3.  Spend time investing in the mission team.
Pour your life into the team that is assisting.  Be a spiritual leader to them for the weekend.  Let them see your passion and vision for your ministry.  Pray for their needs … get to know them … ask them what they feel God is calling them to.
4.  Do only what you can do.
Don’t feel guilty about “getting it all done.”  Some plant and some water, but ultimately God will build His Church.  Don’t let guilt motivate you!
5. Be real.
Let them see “you.”  Be yourself.  It’s okay for them to see who you really are – pastors are real people … laugh with them!
I can’t wait to see what God is going to do over the next 36 hours!!!
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