Sunday Vitals (7.13.08)

Holy cow.  This weekend was slow and fast at the same time!  I am totally wiped out, but amazed at the fruit from this Sunday.  The worship was probably one of the best sets we have had in 5 months!!!!  Masters Commission from South Jersey put together some great dramatic presentations.  And Joe Jackson did a great job talking about our potential and purpose.

Here’s the vitals:
1.  101 people (including 4 kids)
2.  5 first time guests
3.  6 commitments for Christ
SIDE NOTE:  It has been 12 weeks since we had 100+.  Still trying to break the 100 barrier every week.
After the service we had a pool party for our Volunteer Team.  We have one of the greatest volunteer bases that I have ever worked with – they are awesome!  Hard-workers and committed to see The Point succeed!  
Sunday was a BIG WIN for The Point!!!
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