Staffing: What I Must Give

Posted by Todd Bishop on July 16, 2008 in Staff

As I am in the middle of hiring staff I must be willing to GIVE some things to the staff members so they can know and feel their value on the team.

1.  Fair Pay
“You get what you pay for.”  Offer staff a fair package and incentives.
2.  Clear Expectations
Let the staff member know their role on the team and what you need them to accomplish – long-term and short-term.  Give them a job description!
3.  Ongoing Accountability
It is the job of the lead/executive pastor to make sure that each staff member is “doing their job.”  Once you let this slide you may never get it back.  This is not micro-management this is leadership!
4.  Growth Opportunities
Stretch your team.  Build their faith.  Invest in their lives and their role.  When a staff member leaves – it will happen – ask yourself, “Are they better now then when they first arrived?”
5.  Reward Often.
When your staff/team does something amazing let them know.  Don’t just “call them in” when they did something dumb.  I learned this lesson well – What gets rewarded gets repeated!
For expectations of staff check out Mark Batterson’s blog, “7 Expectations for Staff.
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