Ramblings … "Idle"

I was reading a passage of Scripture today that popped out at me like never before.  Paul was writing to the church in Thessalonica … he’s encouraging and motivating them.  Then he offers them several instructions as he is closing his letter.  I must have read this a hundred times.  

… warn those who are idle …
Wow.  It is a Christian responsibility to warn those who have become stagnant.  Maybe some who have walked away from the call of God to full-time ministry or missions.  Still others who may not have the passion for God that they once had.
As a pastor, I have the incredible responsibility of keeping people out of the spiritual rut of complacency.  No pressure!
Question for Thought:  “How do you keep Christ-followers from being idle?”  I am trying to answer that personally today!!!  Any thoughts — make some comments!


  1. mlabishop says:

    Such a great passage. I actually read the same passage in my daily Bible study about a month ago, and it too challenged me to become more “purpose driven” in my walk with the Lord. How do we get believers to become more passionate about being active in their walk with God??? Well…motivation seems to be the underlying factor in getting someone to pursue anything, so what motivates you? Figure it out and use it as a catalyst for increasing your spiritual awareness.

  2. bradyIV says:

    An excellent and neglected question that probably has several answers. I have thought much about this for my own life…God keeps bringing me back to the same challenge.. .re-ingage in the ministry of life transformation (evangelism) How can you not get excited about God, faith, people and spiritual power when you see someone’s life turned upside down by the gospel. When the early church saw those “thousands come to know Christ daily” They weren’t just people…they were neighbors, merchants, rabbis, Roman soldeirs. People of the community that they probably knew. The church was on fire b/c the people of God were engaged in evangelism and seeing people of their immediate community transformed by the gospel. I have so much opportunity around me to see God work in miraculous ways….So I challenge myself to step out, take a risk and see God become real again before my very eyes. I wish I did it more often.

  3. Todd Bishop says:

    Great insights. Thanks for your input so far.

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