Spiritual Growth Requirements

Last night we had another Spiritual Growth Task Force Meeting.  It was great.  In fact, it was the first “legitimate” meeting in our new home.  I love it!

We established last month several initiatives for the Fall:
1.  Kick off Learning Points – a mid-week learning experience that will help newbies and not-so-newbies to “take their faith to another level.”
2.  Kick off Growth Groups – home groups that truly build community within the context of relationships.
Sunday is designed for inspiration.  Learning Points is being created for instruction.  And our Growth Groups for identification (relationship).
I asked two questions in the beginning of the meeting about Spiritual Growth:
1.  What will it take?
2.  What will I give?
A lot of people can recognize what the need is, but an even smaller group will respond to the need with action!!!
The Point must be pro-active!!!!  I am getting really excited about the Fall.
SIDE NOTE:  Since the summer began we increased our attendance by 14 people and over the last 8 weeks we have had 28 first time guests.  In the middle of summer.  Great!!!
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