180 Bars and Interesting Conversations

Early this morning Ed and I went to the Westbury LIRR to hand out our breakfast bars.  They are getting to know us.  It seems like 80-90% of people now take the breakfast bar!  That’s great!!!  We gave out 180 bars this morning!

We had one lady tell us the church see attending (not a Christian one) and said she is looking for more.  “I will check you out.”
One of the cabbies, Joe, had a conversation with us.  He is going to try and come in two weeks.
Another fellow took the breakfast bar and then ran back over to us and said, “I saw the quaker and then I saw the word ‘sex’ and I thought this was some kind of sex drug {viagra}.”  He was laughing.  We were laughing!
People are starting to remember us!  It’s a great thing to be IN the community!!!
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