200+ more bars

Thursday morning is becoming the highlight of my work week.  I love going to the Westbury train station … meeting new people … and giving away free breakfast bars.  Today I had the help of 3 people (Jessica, her brother and step mom).  What a difference 3 more people make!

A Jewish guy said to me, “I think our synagogue needs to do something like this.  We are shrinking and losing families from attending.  We have to do something different.”  We also had some competition today – a couple of Jehovah Witnesses – not really competition!  Had a nice conversation with the couple!
Employees are starting to connect with us.  People on their way to work remember us.  The cab drivers love us.  Finally met the young man who has the concession truck.  Invited him to The Point … he lives about 40 minutes away.  I told him we will start a church for him where he lives.  He said, “Please do I need it.”
Doing this every Thursday is effective!  BIG TIME!  Pastors would do well to spend less time in their offices and more time in their mission field.  Myself included!!!
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