Todays Personal Prayer

I am a HUGE fan of journaling.  So HUGE that I often write out my prayers in the morning to keep me focused.  I believe I am pre-diagnosed ADD child who escaped through the cracks.  So writing things down helps me to remember.

LIFEPOINT:  What is not written down is quickly forgotten.
Here was my prayer this morning:
“Help me to never lose sight of you.  Stay within my eyesight – remain deep in my heart.  Help me to never ignore your voice.  Give me the guts to listen and obey you no matter what it may cost me.  Help me to never live for the praise of people but simply your loving approval.  Never let me bow to the winds of culture.  Solidify my life passions and dreams for kingdom growth.  Help me to be a leader of leaders.”
Our prayers typically reveal our deepest desires.  So I thought I would be transparent this morning.  The above is what God is speaking to me over the last few days!!!
What is God saying to you?  Write it down – you may forget!
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