The Point of Discipleship

Discipleship is typically seen as a ministry of the church to develop church ministry.  However, the greatest form of discipleship is simply helping people become Christ-centered.

So, how do you develop a discipleship strategy?
  1. Ask God to give you a heart for growth – personally and in the lives of those you lead.
  2. Recruit a team of people that also have a heart for spiritual growth.
  3. Start with the first time someone comes into your church – what is your mission?  How do you move them over the line of faith?  How do you inspire them to come back?  What is your follow-up system?
  4. Develop simple steps.  The Point has developed an 8-step process in our spiritual growth strategy (Step 1 – Attend ……. Step 8 – Serving).
  5. Be patient.  Working with a team takes longer to establish your process, but those on that team will catch the vision.
  6. Critique it often.  Make adjustments as needed.  Everything is an experiment.
  7. Try something, anything, but never do nothing!  I really believe that people really want to grow spiritually.  They are looking for answers and direction.  We must know our direction!
  8. Don’t import your process – develop it.  Transplant discipleship rarely works.  It is usually modified.  Don’t take the easy or cheap way out in this process.  Seek God.  Pray.  Fast.  Work hard.
It is so amazing, because we are in the middle of the development of discipleship @ The Point.  We are launching 2 of our initiatives in September and October.  Months of prayer, discussion and planning!
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