Sunday Vitals (8.17.08)

I woke up tired, exhausted and feeling like “hurling.”  But I held it together and made it through another amazing day at The Point.  We invited a group called LIGHTHOUSE to lead the worship today – it gave our team a moment to enjoy worship – they were amazing – many people asking for CD’s (they didn’t have any).  Plus, Nick Osso, one of our team members spoke on Baiting, Dating and Mating.  he did a fantastic job.  Lots of laughs and a definite drive for honoring God in our relational choices!

Here’s the vitals:
1.  94 people
2.  5 first time guests
Couple of Weekend Highlights:
* I baptized my dear friend, Peter, on Saturday in front of his family.  
* I received a Brett Favre jersey from Anthony just before the service.  Made my day!!!
* Malachi and I washed the 2 cars and the trailer – it’s great spending time together!
* Mary and I are blessed with great friends like Luis and Jen who “helped us escape” on Friday for some much needed relational time.
Our family has been blessed beyond our wildest dreams.  We are surrounded by so many caring and amazing people!
I am exhausted, but on my way to wrestling Malachi!  I love my life!!!


  1. Joe says:

    I still want to know how was up at 4am on 8/07/08……

  2. soulpadre says:

    Sounds great Todd, like you are having fun in ministry.Can’t wait to get together with you, we should plan some time to meet in early SeptemberCharles

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