Ministry Mantras ~ Part 1

There are several mantra’s that I have learned to live by since we launched The Point 6 months ago.  Some of them I have learned out of heart – others because of habits that I have developed.

1.  Get to the point.
I have learned to be concise and precise in my speaking.  No bloviating!  I want to respect people’s time and I don’t want to waste a second of it!
2.  Expect Anything.
Routine becomes boredom, even in church!  Change it up!  I change often “how” I spend my personal time with God – I never want it to become merely habit!  Life is never constant.  We are always moving, even when we are standing still (earth rotates!).
3.  Regularly Irregular.
Our hope in a new church reaching new people is to get people to take small steps towards consistency.  I have found that unchurched people are less likely to attend church weekly – it usually takes some time to build this habit.
4.  Absolute Perfection.
I like things to be perfect!  They seldom are, but that is my goal!  I want our services to be seamless and excellent – once again they seldom are (especially when I am speaking).  We simply want to give God our best!
5.  Family First.
When one of our team members wants to miss a Sunday for a family function I will always say, “Family first.”  I try and flesh this out in my family on an every day basis!
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