Sunday Vitals (8.24.08)

Today I learned the value of flexibility.  We were short-staffed, but those arriving to assist were amazing at multiple roles.  On Sunday morning we currently operate with a volunteer staff of 25 (includes set-up, worship arts team, greeters, ushers, resource, hospitality, etc).  As we are approaching our “re-launch” on September 7 we realize that number needs to increase to 40.  We are getting close.

It was a great Sunday.  Brett did a great job with the music team.  Every volunteer contributed somewhere, in fact, anywhere they were needed.  Cristina did our welcome/announcements – she was fantastic!  The message seemed to connect!  You can listen to all messages at
Here’s the vitals:
1.  72 people (vacations? beach?)
2.  10 first time guests (amazing)
3.  1 decision for Christ (worth it?  You bet!)
It is amazing!  In the middle of our summer slump we still have guests.  This is our largest guest pool in weeks!
Matthew Broderick showed up @ The Point!  One of our first time guests looked like Broderick.  So much so that I introduced him to the whole group … people actually thought it was him until I said it wasn’t.  Thanks, Ryan, for being a GREAT sport!!!
I was speaking with one of our guests just prior to start and he said he found us through our website.  He recently relocated.  “I wanted to come because you were the one church that had a mission statement that resonated with me,” he explained!  I kindly thanked him and said, “Anyone can write a mission statement.  Today you will see how we actually flesh that out.”
LEADERSHIP POINT:  Put your mission statement where people can see it.
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