Sunday Vitals (8.31.08)

The last “unofficial” day of summer travels was an off-the-hook experience @ The Point!  I am always amazed at how God shows up in a movie theater each Sunday!  

We all experienced some major stress.  Low volunteer turnout.  Sick guitarist.  Worship leader forgot music.  We all humidity stained shirts by the end of set-up.  Behind schedule.  It’s in those days that you know God has something powerful planned!  And He did!
Here’s the vitals …
1.  97 people
2.  4 first time guests
3.  1 decision for Christ
Over the last 6 months we have averaged 95 people in our services and 189 guests have walked through our doors.  We have baptized 9 people.  44 people have made a decision to follow Jesus Christ!
It has been a great six months!!!
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