And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; 
with skillful hands he led them.”  (Psalm 78:72)
Integrity comes from within.  It starts with the right attitude!  Integrity is something that is lived … it is something that burns in our heart … a desire to be who we are publicly the same person we are privately.
David shepherded … leaders must have strong character, integrity – whether they are political, educational, spiritual – it does not matter.  People follow character!
I love this verse.  Before skill must be integrity!  There are a lot of skilled leaders, but they must first have integrity!  I pray that God helps me to lead with skill … leadership is an art … I must continually learn and grow!
I have been in full-time ministry 13 years!  I can’t wait to see what the next 13 years bring!
Prayer:  “God, help us to be leaders of conviction, passion and purpose.  But help us more than anything to be leaders of character and integrity.  Let our lives be a reflection of you!  Help us to be great leaders who lead people to you.  Help us to be more than we do.  Jesus, thank you for the privilege of allowing me to lead.  Help me to lead well.  In your name Amen.
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