Sunday Vitals (9.7.08)

What a Sunday?  I have learned that in church planting you must always expect the unexpected.  You never know what is going to happen.

Here’s the Readers Digest:
1.  Worship Leader A got sick on Friday – replaced him with Worship Leader B.
2.  Worship Leader B gets sick on Sunday.
3.  Sound Team has some technical difficulties during rehearsal.
4.  Everything is behind schedule.
5.  Small volunteer staff arrives on time.
6.  Guitarist breaks string 2 songs in – he has no extras!
7.  Worship Team tells me they can’t go on.
8.  I say, “I can’t speak for an hour.”
9.  I spoke 32 minutes (longest @ The Point).
10.  Service ended after only 55 minutes.
If you blinked on Sunday you would have missed it all!
Here’s the vitals:
1.  76 people (including 5 children)
2.  1 first time guest
LEADERSHIP LESSON:  God will not give you more than you are prepared for!
We have made several adjustments so it never happens again.  A good day, with many interesting twists and turns.
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