Do you want to be average?  I know that I don’t.  I want to live above average.  I desire to do what no one else is doing … well, sometimes.  Is being average bad?  Not at all!  But is it the best we can do?

What does the average church look like in size?
* 1 out of 7 churches are fewer than 25.
* 1 out of 8 churches has 26-50 attendees.
* 1 out of 3 churches has 51-100 attendees.
* 1 out of 13 churches has 101-125.
* 1 out of 4 churches have 126-350 attendees.
* 1 out of 18 churches average 351-800 attendees.
* 1 out of 406 churches average more than 800.
(“Small Congregation Big Potential” by Lyle Shaller)
The average size church in America is approximately 75 people.
Let’s defy the odds and raise the average size church!  Do you want to be average?
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