Sunday Vitals (9.14.08)

I say this all the time but every Sunday I get up and say, “I love this job.”  I have enjoyed the last 7 months at The Point.  It has gone by so quick.  We have seen a lot of faces … many people have discovered Christ for the first time … today we had 4 people start a relationship with Jesus!  That is the coolest thing about what I do … it matters to eternity!!!  I guess that’s why I am so passionate about it!

Here’s the vitals …
1.  101 people ( including 5 children in Point Kids)
2.  6 first time guests
3.  4 decisions for Christ
A couple of things went amazingly well today:
* We have a GREAT set-up and break-down team!
* The music was some of the best ever.
We also launched our first Growth Group @ The Point with 8 people.  There are 5 more groups beginning this week.  From the Point – get in a Growth Group this week!!!
Here’s a video I showed today from a Couples Enrichment Growth Group.  At the end of our meeting we decided to do karaoke … my friend Nick sang a 98 degrees songs … enjoy!
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