Sunday Vitals (9.21.08)

An event filled day @ The Point!  The circuit breaker blew 2 x’s in the middle of worship – the team did a great job rolling with it.  Computer crashed.  Projector would not re-start!  All in all it was a pretty good day!  We introduced a new missions initiative!  We had Steve & Jill McCarthy, missionaries to Uruguay, share with us.

Here’s the vitals:
1.  97 people (including 6 in PointKids)
2.  3 first time guests
3.  2 decisions for Christ

We did something we have never done before.  As we wrapped up the message on “Unlearning Fears” we asked people to TEXT in their greatest fears.  The shocking news — people did it.  Some fears were serious … others were kind of a funny … but it worked!
You can still TEXT in your FEAR … 516.724.1841.  This week we will pray that God will help you face it!!!
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