Sunday Stories (10.5.08)

Over the last 12 months we have shared our stats from Sundays … the good ones and the bad ones … but we are shifting our focus from stats to stories.  The stories of changed lives are more important than any number.  We will still share some digits, but much of it will be some reflections or even conversation from Sunday!

I received a facebook message:  “I really enjoyed ur message sunday morning.  it was on point … no pun intended … lol.  i’ve been raving about it in fact.”  To get a message like that jacks you up … not just that they enjoyed it, but they are sharing it.  That’s what a message has to do … it has to be reproducible!  That made my Sunday!
I met a new family on Sunday.  They came because they received a breakfast bar and invite card at the Westbury Train Station!!!  I love it when something we do actually works (to be honest, we change a lot of things all the time).
We recruited 4 more volunteers this Sunday.  Simply by asking them.
We had 6 first time guests and 3 commitments to Christ!
A young lady came to the service for the 1st time.  I have known her for 8 years.  I was blown away that she would come, but totally glad she did.  She checked the box on her connection card to “start or restart a relationship with Christ.”  Amazing!!!  I was so excited – even got a little choked up!  Been praying for a while!
SIDE NOTE:  We don’t do traditional altar calls (ie bring everyone forward), but we always give an opportunity for people to know Christ.  Most weeks they do!!!
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