Sunday Stories (10.12.08)

Lots of excitement filled the theater today as we celebrated 1 year since The Point went public!  It’s kind of our “unofficial” birthday.  We really consider Feb. 17, 08 as our official every week launch, but there is still reason to celebrate.

The set-up and break-down today was amazing!  This crew is getting sharper and sharper.  We have added some much needed workers.
Worship today was meaningful.  We had so much feedback about “feeling God” and “sensing the presence of Jesus” during the music.  We paused for a moment at the end of the 2nd second to just think about how amazing God is!
We had 3 first time guests and 1 decision to follow Christ!
We talked about taking risks … I took a big risk and asked for all the risk-takers to stand up … many did … then I went person to person and asked, “What is the biggest risk you have taken recently?”  Here’s my favorite:  “Trusting you” (as they looked at me).  A great day.  Had a lot of fun!!!
One of our regulars that I have never met somehow I knew who she was and said, “Hi ________.”  She could not believe that I knew her name.  Then I told her about the prayer request she placed on the connection card several weeks ago.  I let her know that I have been praying … she was shocked!
It was a great, but exhausting day!!!
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