Sunday Stories (10.19.08)

It was a cold morning in Long Island.  It was our coldest this fall @ 45 degrees when I left my home (bbbbrrrrr).  It was a windy day!  This was probably the reason why a lot of people slept in this morning.

John Blondo – missionary – spoke this morning on “Seizing Opportunity.”  It was amazing.  John is such a gifted, motivational speaker.  He brought a definite excitement to the service!
Bobby Fowley – one of our worship leaders – did an amazing job with worship.  The presence of God was THICK … easy to see and sense!  We added another vocalist, Leah, today – she has amazing vocals!!!
We had 6 first time guests!
We were privileged to have Frank & Laura DeLuccio as two of our guests.  Frank is the Worship Arts & Programming Pastor @ Lakeshore Church in Rochester, NY.  They were so encouraging and excited about what The Point is doing on Long Island.  I love when pastors visit … I always want their feedback!
Attendance has been a little sluggish lately.  I am feeling the prevailing problem that most Long Island Church plants feel in their first year … but I will be aggressively continuing to plant The Point – no holds barred!!!
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